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December 24, 2014

Collective Haul: Fall '14

It's Christmas Eve!!! I'm so excited and I can't wait to have my family over tonight. I'm sure it'll be lots of fun! But now let's get onto today's video. Since the Fall has ended and it is now Winter, I decided to film a haul video with everything I bought or received during the Fall. As always, I'll leave the links to all the items I showed below, in case you'd like to check something out. Let me know in the comments what items you liked the most!

December 14, 2014

DIY: Magazine Christmas Tree

It's almost Christmas and I'm really excited! I've never done a DIY before but I've been making these magazine Christmas trees for years now, and when the time came to do them again this year, I thought that it might be something other people might enjoy making too. So I decided to do this video so you all could learn to create these adorable trees to decorate your house for the holidays!

November 10, 2014

Change Is in the Air

Today's outfit was put together using apparel from the Abercrombie & Fitch Holiday line as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #afstylist.

Jessica Lemos jess jesslemos abercrombie & fitch #afstlist leather tatum jacket flannel sweater skinny jeans logger boots skechers laramie 2 ombre wavy hair

October 30, 2014

Video Diary: A Day in Philly

Today I have another video diary for you guys! I spent the day in Philadelphia a while back with my boyfriend and some friends and we all filmed a bit that day, so I put it all together. The really nice shots are by Bryan Trindade (the shaky ones are probably me... sorry!). In this video you guys also get to see a little bit behind the scenes of the photo shoot for my "Neutrals" blog post. I hope you like it!

September 25, 2014

Video Diary: Beach Getaway w/ the Boyfriend's Family

Hey guys! Hope you're having a wonderful week so far. Today's video diary is actually from last month when I went away for a few days with my boyfriend and his family. We really wanted to get away from NYC for a bit and spend some days on the beach. Unfortunately, a few of the days were quite cloudy but it was still really nice to just relax, spend some time together and enjoy a great view. Luckily, we did get like two sunny days, so that was really nice. Here are some pictures from the trip!

Oi gente! Espero que estejam tendo uma semana ótima. O video de hoje é do mês passado quando viajei com meu namorado e sua família. Queríamos muito sair de NYC por um pouco e passar alguns dias na praia. Infelizmente, alguns dos dias estavam nublados mas mesmo assim foi bom poder relaxar, passarmos tempos juntos, e curtirmos essa vista linda. E felizmente, tivemos uns dois dias de sol, então foi bem legal. Aqui estão algumas fotos da viagem!

September 11, 2014

Collective Haul: Summer '14

Hey guys! Since it's been a while since I've done a haul video, I decided to show you guys pretty much everything I got over the Summer. (By the way, I'm not some crazy shopaholic. A lot of these items were sent to me by the stores.) Some things I wasn't able to show because I had worn them and had no idea where they were, but this is definitely most of it! I hope you guys like it!

ps: Please excuse the cat fur on a bunch of stuff (including my hat..). That's just part of being a cat lady :)

August 26, 2014

Video Diary: Boys being boys, beach day + Warped Tour

Hey guys! In my last blog post I told you guys I would be putting together some footage I had from a few weeks ago, so here it is! Basically, I'm showing three separate days in July, but since I didn't film much each day, I just thought it would be better to put it all together in one video. If you guys like these type of videos, I'll try to film more of them, which will hopefully be better than this one. Remember, I'm not an expert in editing videos (my degree is in photography), so I do what I can. Hope you enjoy it anyway!

Oi galera! No meu último post eu falei que ia juntar algumas filmagens que eu tinha do mês passado, então aqui estão! Filmei três dias separados mas como não filmei muito cada dia, achei melhor juntar tudo em um video só. Se vocês gostarem desse tipo de video, posso continuar fazendo, e espero que fiquem melhores do que esse. Lembrem-se que não sou expert em editar videos (me formei em fotografia), então eu faço o que posso. Espero que vocês gostem mesmo assim!

July 15, 2014

Best Fit Ever

Today's outfit was put together using apparel from Abercrombie & Fitch 
as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars by Crowdtap. 
Check out how I styled my pair of jeans for their Best Fit Ever campaign!

Abercrombie & Fitch denim jeans #AFstylist #bestfitever

June 24, 2014

Haul: MAC, Golden Trash, Sunset 45 + more!

Hi everyone! So today I have a haul video for you guys. Like I said in the video, these are things I have bought or received in the past 2 months. I'll leave all the product links below so you guys can check them out. Enjoy!

May 30, 2014

TOP 5: Heels

Finally, the last video in my Top Shoes series. Today I'm showing you guys my top 5 pairs of heels. I'm sure you'll notice 3 things I really love: Jeffrey Campbell, black, and spikes. If you guys enjoyed these videos and would like for me to do more like them, let me know! I'm also open to suggestions of what to film, because obviously I want to share with you guys things you actually want to see. If you haven't seen the last 2 videos in this series, I'll leave it all linked below. Enjoy!

May 21, 2014

TOP 5: Sneakers

Hello everyone! I'm back with another video for you guys. In my last post I said I was going to divide my top shoes into 3 categories. So today it's time to show you guys my top 5 sneakers. Check out my last post to see my top 5 boots, if you haven't already. And don't forget to check back next week for my last video in this series, where I'll be showing my favorite pairs of heels. Enjoy!

May 15, 2014

TOP 5: Boots

Hey guys! Hope you're all having a great week! Today I have another video for you guys. This time I'm showing my top 5 pairs of boots. I initially was going to do a “Top 10 Shoes” video but I just couldn't narrow it down to 10. So instead I decided to divide it into 3 videos with the 3 types of shoes I wear the most: boots, sneakers, and heels. This week you can take a look at the boots I love and wear the most! Next week I'll upload my top 5 sneakers, and then heels the week after that. I hope you guys enjoy it, and if you do, let me know in the comments!