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September 11, 2014

Collective Haul: Summer '14

Hey guys! Since it's been a while since I've done a haul video, I decided to show you guys pretty much everything I got over the Summer. (By the way, I'm not some crazy shopaholic. A lot of these items were sent to me by the stores.) Some things I wasn't able to show because I had worn them and had no idea where they were, but this is definitely most of it! I hope you guys like it!

ps: Please excuse the cat fur on a bunch of stuff (including my hat..). That's just part of being a cat lady :)

So, which item was your favorite?!

Items I showed:

High Neck Crop Tops: Similar ones on Ebay

Off-Shoulder Crop Top: American Apparel

Crochet Halter Top: 9th & Elm (By Jayblue Handmade)

Blog post: www.dresslikejess.us/2014/07/crochet-tie-dye.html

Custom Name Plate Necklace: 9th & Elm

Blog post: www.dresslikejess.us/2014/07/black-and-blue.html

Yellow Collared Shirt: Beta Apparel

Blog post: www.dresslikejess.us/2014/07/pop-of-yellow.html

Amor T-shirt: Anchored Apparel

"Don't Be a Bully," "Knew York" & Anti-bully bracelets: Compassion Brands

Druzy Arrow Necklace: Liza Schwartz

Blog post: www.dresslikejess.us/2014/07/black-backless.html

Believe Charm Necklace: Jenny Present

Blog post: www.dresslikejess.us/2014/08/long-sleeves-open-back.html

Aviator & Wayfarer Sunglasses: Pau Rio

Blog post: www.dresslikejess.us/2014/08/blue-jeans-white-shirt.html

Embrace Tank & Madison Cardigan: Living Doll LA

Blog post: www.dresslikejess.us/2014/08/dream-catcher.html

Leopard Shorts: Similar one on Tobi

Blog post: www.dresslikejess.us/2014/09/omg.html

Black & Light Acid Wash High Waisted Jeans: Pacsun

Blog post: www.dresslikejess.us/2014/07/pop-of-yellow.html

Blue High Waisted Jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch

Blog post: www.dresslikejess.us/2014/08/blue-jeans-white-shirt.html

High-Low Hooded Sweater: Abercrombie & Fitch

Blog post: www.dresslikejess.us/2014/07/best-fit-ever.html

Long Sleeve Floral Dress: Pink Blush

Blog post: www.dresslikejess.us/2014/08/long-sleeves-open-back.html

Wide Brim Fedora: Forever 21

Blog post: www.dresslikejess.us/2014/01/typical-jess.html

Black Pile Jacket: H&M

Navajo Backpack: Golden Trash

Blog post: www.dresslikejess.us/2014/08/warped-tour.html

Faux Leather Backpack: T-Shirt & Jeans (Available at Burlington!)

Blog post: www.dresslikejess.us/2014/08/dream-catcher.html

Faux Leather Clutch: Forever 21

Black Satchel: Forever 21

Leopard and Fringe Bag: Gift

Sk8-Hi Sneakers: Vans

Blog post: www.dresslikejess.us/2014/09/omg.html

High Top Khaki Sneakers: Bangs Shoes

Blog post: www.dresslikejess.us/2014/08/blue-jeans-white-shirt.html

Black Jelly Sandals: Jelly Beans

Blog post: www.dresslikejess.us/2014/07/are-you-jelly.html

Leopard Jelly Sandals: Jelly Beans

Laramie 2 Boots: Skechers

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  1. Your room seems so cute! Oh and I loved everything you got :)

  2. My favorite item was definitely the long sleeve floral dress. And I love the way you styled it.

  3. I really like the jelly shoes!

  4. omg love your outfits so much!!!!!!! xoxoxo

  5. Great pieces!!!
    Your cat is sooo cute! That ending was funny haha

    1. Thanks!! :)
      Haha I don't think he was too happy about being in the video!


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