My Favorite Trends of 2014

With the beginning of the new year, it got me thinking about all the trends in the past year and how many of them I liked. So, I decided to pick my top 5 to share with you guys. I'm not the kind of person who believes people should always follow trends but if it happens to be something you really like and it works for you, then go for it! That was the case with the following items; they're all pieces I absolutely loved and think go with my style. Actually, I already owned at least one of each before 2014, which is why I loved when they became so popular because all of a sudden they were much easier to find. So let's get started!

Crop Tops

Crop tops have been pretty big for a while now, and I know some people are sick of them! I, however, really like them and think they can be really flattering for some people. For example, I'm pretty short, so I feel that wearing a crop top with some high waisted pants really elongates my figure. I also think that they show just the right amount of skin!

Faux Fur

This one is one of my favorites! I've always had a love for faux fur and I love all the different styles and colors of jackets that are available now. I definitely have quite the collection already, but still can't help wanting more. They're just so warm and chic!

Wide Brim Hats

Ever since I was a little girl I've had an obsession with hats. I seriously have so many pictures wearing them and I think it's pretty cool that my love for them continued on until today. I've always leaned towards hats with a wider brim so I was extremely happy when these became a trend. Now you can find them at almost any store, which is very helpful if you're on a search for your perfect fit and style.

Chunky Heels

This one is another favorite. Oh, who am I kidding? They're all my favorites! If you're a 90s kid, like me, (or if you're just a a fan of the 90s style) I think you'll probably understand my love for shoes like these. They bring me back to my childhood when I owned a bunch of shoes with chunky heels and platforms (any other Spice Girls fans out there?). But other than all that, I just think they're extremely comfortable and edgy.

Blanket Capes / Open Ponchos

This is an item that I kind of came across by accident a few years ago. My sister had one that she was getting rid of and I decided to keep it. I thought it looked warm and figured I could use it inside the house during the colder seasons. I never expected I'd become obsessed with it. All of a sudden, it was all I wanted to wear to keep me warm. Obviously you can't wear only this out during the Winter, but during the Fall or indoors in the Winter it's the perfect way to stay warm and cozy. I absolutely love this trend because now there are so many colors and prints for me to choose from! 

So those are my top 5 trends of 2014! I'd love to know your thoughts as well. Which trends were your favorites last year? And if you hated any, feel free to share those too!

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