The Albertine

I have partnered up with the The Blogger Programme to share with you guys the Albertine shoe, created by Alexandra Alberta Chiolo. I haven't tried it out yet and, normally, I wouldn't share anything on here that I can't actually vouch for, but I just thought the idea of this shoe was so cool that it was worth sharing because you guys might find it just as interesting as I did! The Albertine shoe has a mechanism that allows you to change it's heel and platform. Therefore, it'll seem like you have a ton of shoes, when in reality it's the same one. Not only are there many different heel and platform models and colors to choose from but there are also two heel heights. So, with one upper there are 1800 combinations you can create. So, what if I told you there are actually two upper models? That means 3600 combinations! Crazy, right? You can basically create the perfect shoe for any occasion and even switch it up on the go. To see some examples, check out the slide with pictures above. And to find out even more about the Albertine shoe, including how it actually works, just hit the play button below!

So, what did you guys think? I just love how creative it is! If you agree and would love to see the Albertine being sold here in the U.S., then check out their Kickstarter campaign!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored. However, all opinions are my own.

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