New York Minute

Today's post is really exciting because I partnered up with thredUP, a huge online consignment shop that basically sells like-new, secondhand clothes, shoes, and accessories. If you follow me on Snapchat, then you might've seen that not long ago I actually talked about thredUP because my cousin had just introduced me to the website and I really loved it. You can request a free bag to fill up with things you want to get rid of (in good condition, of course) and send it back to them for free. Whatever they think they can sell, they'll pay you commission on it. Whatever they aren't able to sell, they'll recycle. So, nothing goes to waste! It's a nice way of making some cash from things you were already planning on getting rid of anyway. I'm currently filling up a bag and I can't wait to send it in!

So, as I said, they sell things that people send in and, therefore, you can shop on their website as well. They have such a big selection of items from so many amazing brands. They even have a ton of designer pieces! And the best part is that on thredUP you can get it for a much cheaper price! I found some incredible items, which I'm so excited to share with you guys. I've been wanting a coat and I'm really a fan of Zara coats in particular but they can be a little pricey. So, I used the search filters on thredUP to see the Zara coats they had in my size and I fell in love once I saw this leather and wool coat. It's like a combination of a tailored wool coat and a leather moto jacket, which honestly couldn't be more me! I'm seriously obsessed with it and I can't believe it was almost a third of the original price. What amazed me even more was the condition it arrived in. It looks brand new, even though it's secondhand. So, when they say "like-new" they really mean it! 

The other items I got also look brand new, which shows how careful they are when selecting the items that they will put for sale. I love that because I know I can trust that the items I buy from them won't ever be super worn or damaged. Along with the coat, I also got a crossbody bag from Calvin Klein, which is so pretty and was less than half of the original price. I wanted a really small bag for those days where I don't need to carry much around. I thought this one was perfect, and I loved it even more in person! I'm so glad that a few weeks before getting it I actually purchased a little wallet, exactly for this purpose, and it fits perfectly inside my new bag. And guess where I got it from? Yep, thredUP. That was before they had even contacted me to collaborate with them. So, I genuinely like this website and was already shopping on it and sharing it with my followers on Snapchat. Even though the wallet was purchased before, I included some pictures of it below so you guys can see how beautiful it is. It's from Lodis and it was also a third of the original price.

So now on to my favorite part, which is the outfit I created using the things I got from thredUP. To me, the coat is definitely a statement piece, so the outfit actually didn't need much else. I kept it simple underneath with a white ribbed tee and some black high waisted jeans. I also wore some black booties which I think went perfectly with my new bag. I love how good the bag looked with the coat because of the black leather and silver hardware. I completed the look with a little silver necklace and just like that, with only a few pieces, I had an awesome outfit that is actually perfect for New York Spring weather.

Check out thredUP here and use the code WXH21 to get 21% off of your first purchase!

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