Peel Off Makeup!

Hi everyone and happy Sunday! Today's video is an interesting one because I shared some really cool peel off makeup products. I tested them out on camera and gave you my thoughts on them. Check it out below!

Products mentioned:

I forgot to mention that I put my Loreal Brow Stylist Plumper on my brows the day I filmed this. I used it mainly as a gel just to keep the hairs in place but it is tinted, so it made my eyebrows a tad darker than they were without it. I took a before and after picture the last time I used the eyebrow tint so you guys could really see the results (without the eyebrow gel).

(Sorry the quality isn't the best. I took these with my phone!)

So, let me know in the comments what you guys thought of these peel off makeup products! Do you think you'd give it a try or do they just seem way too complicated?

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