The Only 3 Products I Need to Style My Hair

In a recent video, I mentioned that I haven't really been using heat on my hair for a few months. After my last haircut, I just didn't really feel the need to keep curling or straightening it. Before I would curl my hair almost every time I washed it and, although I do still love to do that sometimes to change it up a bit, I no longer feel that it's a necessity. The main reason for that is basically that I've just felt that my hair is healthy enough that it looks good naturally. However, there are some important products that I like to use to keep it looking healthy and a bit more polished. 

If you watched either my "How I Style My Hair" or "My Hair Care Routine" video, you might remember that I talked about the heat protectant I always use when I am going to be using heat on my hair. It's the got2b Guardian Angel Flat Iron Balm. As I said in one of those videos, it was recommended to me by my friend Ronan, who is a hairstylist. So, when he said I should get, I went out and bought it and fell in love! Not only did it protect my hair from the heat, but it also made my hair look super shiny. That made me want to try more products from got2b, so I bought their volumizing powder recently, which is great for giving my flat hair some volume without making my oily hair greasy like a mousse might do. Then got2b actually reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try out some more of their products and you can bet I was excited to possibly discover even more products I might love. I knew exactly which ones I wanted to try that would be great for my current hair care routine without heat. So, I thought I'd walk you guys through the steps and explain a little about each product.

Right after I have washed my hair and brushed it, this is the first product I use. I focus it on the bottom half of my hair, which is where I need it the most. Since I have extremely oily hair, I usually avoid putting any products on my roots but because this product is really lightweight, I feel like I can run my fingers through the top of my hair with whatever is left on my hands and it'll help condition it without letting it look greasy. The reason I like to use this after I've already conditioned my hair in the shower is because it really helps to get rid of frizz. My hair is very frizzy, especially when it's natural, so this is a must for me!

Once my hair is completely dry, it's time to use a serum. This is one of my favorite products to use because I feel like it makes such a big difference in my hair. If I only use the leave-in conditioner and let it dry, although most of my frizz is under control, I still feel like it doesn't look as polished as I like for it to be. That's exactly what the serum is perfect for! I use it mainly on my ends and it instantly transforms my somewhat dry looking ends into nice, sleek, shiny ends that just make my hair look so much healthier overall.

Although I only use the first two products every time I wash my hair, dry shampoo also has an important role in my hair routine. As I said before, my hair is very oily and I would normally have to wash it a lot but since that's not really good for your hair (and it's really annoying), I use dry shampoo instead. However, I am really picky with dry shampoos because I hate how some of them make my hair feel. I've tried ones that were too wet and others that made my hair feel gross and I couldn't even touch my hair without feeling it. So, when I tried out this one from got2b, I was so happy that it was just the way I like it! It removed the oil without making my hair too wet or too dry. The best part is that after it dissolved into my hair, I couldn't even feel it. I actually completely forgot I had dry shampoo and I kept touching my hair and moving it from side to side like I would normally do. Also, I was surprised at how long it kept my hair from getting oily. Dry shampoos normally only do that for the day I use it (some don't even last that long) but this one kept my hair looking clean on the day I sprayed it and on the next one!

So, that's it for my current natural hair care routine. I've really loved how these products have helped me be able to style my hair without needing to use any type of heat. For a long time, I felt like my hair needed to be big and wavy, just like everyone else's but I have now embraced my simple, long, straight hair. Don't get me wrong, I still love curling my hair from time to time but when I do, it's just because I want to, and not because I think I need to in order for it to look good. And you know what? I actually think it makes me stand out more now because it's different from the majority. Now, what got2b and I want to know is how your hair helps you stand out! Show us by posting a selfie on Instagram and include #got2standout #selfiecontest and you could win some product from got2bHere's my selfie. I can't wait to see yours!

* This post is sponsored by got2b. All opinions are my own! *

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