My Birthday Wishlist

It's almost my birthday! On the 28th of October, I turn 28. How crazy is that? I still feel like I'm 20. Anyway, I thought I would do what I did last year and share the things that are on my birthday wishlist. Obviously, I don't expect to get all of this. They're just things that I've been wanting and, of course, if I did receive any of them I would be extremely happy! So let's get on with it!

 1  Lorac Mega PRO 3 Palette

Lorac released this palette recently and, as soon as I saw it, I fell in love. I think the colors are gorgeous. There are so many beautiful shimmery golds, which you all know I'm obsessed with. Lorac eyeshadows are really great, in my opinion, because they're creamy and pigmented, so I just know I'm going to love this!
 2  Tarte Double Duty Beauty Shape Tape Contour Concealer

The concealer that everyone has been raving about lately! After seeing reviews, I really want to try out this concealer. Apparently, the coverage is amazing and it doesn't crease. Even if I don't get this as a gift, I'm still going to purchase it because I just need to see if it's as amazing as everyone says. 
 3  Canon Powershot G7X Digital Camera

AKA the camera that every vlogger has. And that's exactly why I want one; I want to start vlogging more! I actually really enjoy doing vlogs but the camera I use isn't too great because it's pretty shaky and the overall quality just isn't the best. Most of the time, I end up using my iphone 6s, which is pretty great outdoors during the day but, as soon as I'm indoors or it gets a bit dark, the quality becomes horrible. So, having a camera like this would be amazing! However, it's pretty pricey, so let's face it, I probably won't be getting it as a gift but eventually I'll get it for myself. And hey, there's always Christmas, right?!

 4  American Apparel Disco Pant

I know these pants are old news but I just really like them and, for some reason, never got a pair. Maybe it's because they are almost $100 and I always told myself I didn't need them at the moment but time has gone by and guess what! I still love them. They're like the dressier version of high waisted black jeans, so, basically, they're so me and I need them in my life. 5  Bath & Body Works Candles

I included these candles in last year's birthday wishlist and I'm including them again! I just can't get enough candles from Bath & Body Works. I burn them all the time and they just smell so good! I especially love the Fall and Winter scents, like the ones in the picture, which are Leaves, Marshmallow Fireside, and Sparkling Woods. Seriously, if you ever want to make me happy, just give me a B&BW candle.

 6  Ring Light

I've really been wanting to step up my lighting game for my videos because, honestly, my lighting sucks at the moment. The only reason I haven't done it yet is because I was so confused as to what light to get. Right now I'm trying to decide between a ring light and a pair of soft boxes but I just put a ring light in the collage above because, well, it's prettier. I've been watching and reading a bunch of reviews and the best lighting setup seems to be the both together. However, I think I'll stick to trying one out first and then, eventually, adding a second light.

 7  Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM Lens

You've probably noticed a pattern by now. I basically just want to upgrade all of my camera equipment. This lens has a wider angle than the one I currently use to shoot my outfits (50mm f/1.8) and, although I love it, my boyfriend has to be quite far away from me in able to get full body shots, which can be difficult in small or busy places. I also would love to use it to film because of the wide angle and shallow depth of field it has (aka blurry background).

 8  Harry Potter Book Set

So many people have told me to read the Harry Potter books because they just think I'll love them so much, based on other books I've read and loved. I've watched the movies and I absolutely love them so I'm actually quite surprised at myself that I've never read the books. But, hey, it's never too late, right? These books are next on my reading list and I just need the whole set because I read super fast and, basically, just can't stop reading until I completely finish a series. I may or may not have read the Hunger Games Trilogy in 5 days...

So that's everything! Well, most of it anyway. If I were to list every single thing I'd like to own, this post would be enormous but these are the main things I've had my eye on lately. If you have any of these things, let me know what you think of them in the comments! I read them all and always reply! 


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