Thanksgiving Trip to Poconos

I think it's becoming a tradition for my family and I to get away from the city for Thanksgiving and just enjoy each other's company for a few days in what seems like the middle of nowhere. It's so nice to just disconnect from the outside world a bit (My phone rarely had service!). This Thanksgiving, we went to Poconos and, of course, I just had to film a bit for you guys and also for myself. I love documenting things like this and being able to look back on it later. Also, I tried my hardest to get the quality to be better than my previous vlogs but, unfortunately, I failed. I filmed some stuff on my DSLR but it was just too heavy and I struggled with the focus because of the constant movement. So, obviously I resorted to my iPhone, which can be great outdoors with tons of light but gets very grainy whenever it gets a bit dark. However, this is hopefully the last time I'll have to deal with this. I'm getting a vlogging camera, so you guys can expect a lot of new vlogs this coming year!

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