Wedding Series: #3 - Finding my Dream Dress

The part of wedding planning that I was most excited about was definitely trying on wedding dresses! I think a lot of people can relate to this because this decides how we will look on one of the most important days of our lives. I wish I could say that the process was super easy but, unfortunately, for me it wasn't. My biggest mistake while wedding planning was taking too long to really start looking for my dress. As I mentioned in the video below, I did make a trip to David's Bridal soon after getting engaged and they told me that, worst case scenario, a dress would take about 2 months to arrive and 1 month for alterations. So, I kept that in mind and figured I could wait until I had my family with me to really start looking. By then, I would still have 4 months left. Well, it turns out that not all stores can get you a dress that fast. At RK Bridal, where I first tried on the dress I fell in love with, they wouldn't be able to get the dress until a month after my wedding date. I could not believe that I would have to give up on my dream dress and settle for something I could get quickly. However, I decided to not give up and try my best to get the Justin Alexander gown I had fallen in love with. You can watch the video below to not only see me trying on a bunch of wedding dresses but to also see how I managed to get my dream dress at Jaehee Bridal. I still can't believe I was able to get it!

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